March 4, 2019


Shao means ‘small’ in Mandarin. Name is pronounced as sh + ow. Shao is IRC bot found on Freenode, written in Object Pascal; Commands:–  .8BALL – Returns snooty response to questions and comments– .DEFINE word – Oxford English Definition definition of word–  .DOF – Displays DoF URLs– .HELP – URL to this page– .OPS – Maintained list […]

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Looking twice

March 8, 2012


Shooting Insects nearly full time for 7 years has brought many surprises. One kind of surprise happens in post processing. One takes interesting looking series of photographs in field and finds something else unexpectedly during post. This blog entry shows a few such surprises while looking at shots second time ’round. Below is photograph from […]

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Getting used to habituation

March 8, 2012


There are different ways to get close to different species. This post is about Doli Flies – Flies from Dolichopodid family. Many of these Flies stake out one or more broad leaves and hunt for smaller flying insects from these vantage points. One can approach them quite closely with little difficulty, but photographing is another […]

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Focusing – The-Threefold-Way™

January 24, 2012


Having read many sites and posts about proper focusing techniques for macro photography it is apparent this issue is not settled at all. Some photographers insist that manual focus is The-Road-To-Glory™, whilst others proclaim divine guidance that auto-focus is The-True-Path™. This post introduces another method – It is called The-Threefold-Way™ First some technical bits. This […]

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Zen and the art of confusing Damsel Flies

January 23, 2012


Before we begin, it should be noted that this text should in no way be associated with that great body of factual information relating to orthodox Zen Buddhist practice. It’s not very factual on motorcycles, either. Now on to subject of this post. Suborder Zygoptera contains many beautiful, even fanciful, members with similar characteristics. Elongated […]

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January 20, 2012


Insects do interesting things! Showing what Insects do is great way of making photographs interesting. This does, however, require knowledge of subject, patience, and desire to do some work. Effort put into this kind of photography usually pays off big time. Tongues! An easy way to start with behaviour photographs is shooting Bees and Wasps […]

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Composition – minimalism

January 20, 2012


Planning series of posts over next while describing different compositional styles. But first, what is composition. Short definition of composition would be: Arrangement of artistic parts so as to form a unified whole. Though this definition does not begin to convey complexity, breadth, or creativity that can be applied to photography it does have benefit […]

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Depth of field

January 16, 2012


Started writing post couple days ago about composition. This quickly grew to tome spanning everything from lighting to attitude! So that mega post is slowly being vivisected into smaller manageable hunks, this being first one! Depth of field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp […]

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High speed broomopod

January 14, 2012


The Canon MP-E 65mm 5:1 macro lens is an amazing bit of kit, but it has issues. One of these is shallow depth of field. Worst case is depth of field of 0.048mm with settings of 5:1 magnification at apparent aperture setting of f2.8. This makes using MP-E very hard in field. In order to […]

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Hello world

January 13, 2012


Hello. Name is Paul Davidson. This blog will focus on advanced field macro photography.  Techniques, equipment, experiences, people, and anything else that relates to making macro photos of Insects. Hoping to provide information about field macro from beginners to experts and professionals. All comments, suggestions, critiques, and slanders are welcome! Ok, lets have some fun! […]

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