High speed broomopod

Posted on 2012/01/14


The Canon MP-E 65mm 5:1 macro lens is an amazing bit of kit, but it has issues. One of these is shallow depth of field. Worst case is depth of field of 0.048mm with settings of 5:1 magnification at apparent aperture setting of f2.8. This makes using MP-E very hard in field.

In order to use this lens in field it is essential to have stable platform for camera body. Regular tripods and monopods are typically too slow, complex, and heavy to use with this lens due to depth of field issues. Same goes for monopods. BROOMOPOD is attempt at providing solid footing for camera that is fast and light. It also has advantage that most of it can be made for about CAD 5.

Below are photos taken by Diane Bruce of broomopod and yours truly.


As one can see broomopod consist of standard broom stick and piece of wood with hole in it that is slightly larger than diameter of broom stick. Also included is Manfrotto head plate rapid connector (RC2 Rapid Connect Adapter) to attach body at opposite end of wooden board.

This is close up view.
Close up of broomopod

Broomopod offer several advantages over normal monopods and tripods.

– Very light weight. About 250 grams
– Comes apart easily to be stored or carried
– Very rapid height adjustment. Much faster than normal monopods and tripods
– Can go down to centimetre or so off ground level
– Can be used to start fire if lost in wilderness

Ok, never tested last point for real.

When in use height adjustment is done by slipping wooden board up or down broom stick. Letting go of board locks camera into place. Fairly fine adjustment can be done while looking through view finder. Adjustment in two other dimensions is done by swinging broom stick and camera around.

MP-E 65mm does NOT have focus mechanism as other lenses do. Focus is achieved by adjusting magnification and moving lenses closer or farther away from subject. Broomopod is perfect for this style of focusing.

Broomopod in action

Above photo shows broomopod, Canon 5D II, MP-E 65mm, and EX24 flash in action. Below is result of photo taken above.

Male Midge done with broomopod

The previous photos shows a small Midge, about 1.5mm long, done with broomopod by author.

At some later time there will be post concentrating on Canon MP-E 65mm 5:1 macro lens.

Thanks again to Diane Bruce for photos and building broomopod.

Thank you.

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