Getting used to habituation

Posted on 2012/03/08


There are different ways to get close to different species. This post is about Doli Flies – Flies from Dolichopodid family.

Many of these Flies stake out one or more broad leaves and hunt for smaller flying insects from these vantage points. One can approach them quite closely with little difficulty, but photographing is another issue. When one releases the shutter they fly off leaving an photograph is nice leaf…

This may be caused by flash going off, or sound of mirror slapping upwards. The broad leaves that these Flies inhabit make for great sound amplifiers. Below is technique that one can use to get great shots of these small jewel-like Flies.

Below is photograph of typical Dolichopodid.
Typical Dolichopodid Fly

As mentioned above these Flies jump into flight when shutter is released. One ends up with no Fly in photograph, or maybe legs dangling from frame top as seen below.
Doli Fly leaping into air when caemra fires


Doli Flies are quite territorial. They tend to stay on or near their favourite leaves. When they fly off due to shutter release they will usually tend to land very close by or on leaf they just left. If one repeats shot three or four times Doli Flies with habituate to situation and stop leaping when camera goes off.

With little bit of patience on can easily get images like this!
Habituated Dolichopodid Fly

Happy shooting!

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