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Shao means ‘small’ in Mandarin. Name is pronounced as sh + ow. Shao is IRC bot found on Freenode, written in Object Pascal;

 .8BALL – Returns snooty response to questions and comments
.DEFINE word – Oxford English Definition definition of word
–  .DOF – Displays DoF URLs
.HELP – URL to this page
.OPS – Maintained list of channel ops
.PROFILE – Display your email, location, real name, and URL
– .PROFILE nick  – Display profile for nick, if it exists
.PROFILE DELETE -Remove your profile
.PROFILE EMAIL text – Modify EMAIL field. If blank then erases content of field
.PROFILE HELP – Link to this page
.PROFILE NAME text – As above for NAME
.PROFILE NEW – Create your blank profile
.PROFILE URL text – As above for URL(s)
.TIME nick – Displays local time for nick
.SYNONYMS word – Displays synomyms for word
.UP – Display up time
– .VERSION – Displays version number for Shao
.WEATHER – Display local weather if nick is registered
.WEATHER < location > – Display weather for < location >
.WEATHER DELETE – Delete registration, if registered
.WEATHER HELP – URL to his page
.WEATHER LOCATION – Display location of registered nick 
.WEATHER LOCATION < location >– Set location for registered nick
– .WEATHER NEW – Register nick
.WEATHER NEW < location >– Register nick with < location >
     NOTE: < location > is city or city, country or city, state/province and is comma delimited
.WIKI word or phrase – Displays first part of Wikipedia entry for word or phrase

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