Am often asked what equipment was used to get these photographs. For many types of photography answering this question has little meaning. Gear usually does not matter. For field macro photography it can.

All Insect photographs on this site are done with a digital single lens reflex camera and a macro lens. All are done with Canon DSLRs starting with D30, 10D, 40D, 7D, or 5D II bodies, and either Tamron 90mm f2.8, Canon 100mm f2.8 or Canon 100mm f2.8L lenses. Some are shot with Canon MP-E 65mm f2.8 super macro lens. Have used variety of flash set ups. Starting with two Canon EX flashes controlled with IT flash transceiver mounted on Manfrotto twin arm rail and now using exclusively MT-24EX macro flash.

Current Insect kit:
Canon 5D II body
Canon 100mm f2.8L macro lens
Canon 65mm f2.8 MP-E super macro lens
Canon 90mm f2.8 TS-E tilt/shift lens
Kenko extension tubes for Canon
Canon MT-24EX macro flash
Bug repellant

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  1. William Geoghegan


    I noticed that you don’t mention UV lights or using one to attract moths. Do you collect or photograph at night and how do you protect your eyes from the UV?


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