Looking twice

Posted on 2012/03/08


Shooting Insects nearly full time for 7 years has brought many surprises. One kind of surprise happens in post processing. One takes interesting looking series of photographs in field and finds something else unexpectedly during post. This blog entry shows a few such surprises while looking at shots second time ’round.

Below is photograph from series taken of nymph Two-spotted Stink Bug (Perillus bioculatus). These little beasties are quite colourful and easily stand out from surrounding foliage. It was only during post processing that poor Fly (Bibionidae) was noticed – having life sucked out. It may even have sounded like noise that happens at end of milk shake.
Stink Bug and meal

This next one was harder to figure out, even during post processing. Can remember wondering why this Skipper Moth was so still while taking photograph. It was only after several views that yellow Crab Spider became visible hiding behind goldenrod flowers.
Skipper and Crab

One final example, also with Crab Spider. White one this time.
Syrphid and Crab

This post is to remind folks to carefully go over each photograph taken. Looking twice is worth it.

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